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Niko wants to hear from YOU!
New additions to Niko’s entourage and his band have invigorated crowds and brought new energy to the great singer that has fans dancing and cheering the night away. With the additions of Serena (vocalist) and Alexander (guitarist), Niko and his band... Read More
Niko in August
Catch Niko live in the month of August! Niko's busy summer just got even busier with the announcement of more select shows and performances. With a winning combination of a first-class voice and impeccable stage presence, as well as his outstanding... Read More
Niko in March

Catch Niko live in the month of March!

Niko is pleased to announce the creation of the Niko Fan Club! Started by a few of his most loyal fans, the Niko Fan Club has grown by the thousands in recent weeks...

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Happy Valentines Day wishes from Niko!

To his many fans around the world, Niko would like to wish you all a happy Valentine's. For Niko and his wife, the celebration of Valentine's Day came early with the birth of their new daughter, Maria!

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